The Original Photo Booth With personality

Foto Robot

Greetings, Earthlings. I am Foto Robot and I come from the planet Foton in the Apertura galactic system, some 7 million light years away. I am an Autonofotomobot, or “fotobot” for short. I am what you on Earth would call a photographer. There may be similar “boxes with curtains” that say they are photo booths that do what I do, but I am the only one of my kind in this universe. 

I came to Earth on a photo vacation, hoping to get to Hollywood to meet all the great droids and robot celebrities, but instead crash landed in Seattle. Who knew that all the wet air in your atmosphere would cause my spacecraft systems to malfunction. I am trying to make some money to repair my spacecraft so I can get back to Foton. However, I’ve grown to like your planet and I would like to learn more about your species and how you interact. What better way to learn than to photograph earthlings being “humans”. 

I found these great photographers called f7 photography who discovered me and they have taught me all about weddings, birthdays, company events and other celebrations and how to photograph the fun you have. What I have discovered is that humans act very strange when they see a camera at celebrations, much different than us robots on planet Foton. 

When humans meet me, they “fall in love” with me. When I heard that, my first response was watch your step. But when I learned the meaning of love, I then learned to feel the same way about humans. That’s why I love celebrations, it allows me to make people happy and have fun and put a smile on their face. Who else can do that with complete strangers...a foto-robot can (and maybe a puppy). 

So please have me at your next party and help me get back to my planet Foton. 

"Foto Robot" photo booths use: 

Rental Price

"Full Service" 4 hour Rental:  $995+tax

(each additional hour $200/hr)

Standard Hourly rate: $250/hr 

(min 2 hours)

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