Vertical Photo Booth
Disco themed photo booth
Platform photo booth

Vertical Style photo booth - look up!

Disco Platform Photo Booth

A completely different idea and approach to the traditional photo booth, where you and your friends gather together and look UP at the camera instead of directly in front of you.  

Imagine dancing on a disco dance floor taking a selfie with your group of friends or ever wonder what you look like on the dance floor from the view of the disco ball? The Disco Platform Photo Booth is about 2 things a) Having Fun, and b) Looking good doing it!

We bring a 48x48 multi-color lit platform that you stand on with a small group of party people.  The lit “stage” serves as a multi-color psychedelic backdrop, while the camera is directly above you in a round mirror enclosure, designed specifically to see yourself before the picture. 

If you want your party to be uniquely different and offer a new level of fun with photo entertainment, LOOK UP to having the Disco Platform Photo Booth at your next event or party!

Rental Price

"Full Service" 4 hour Rental:  $1195+tax

(each additional hour $200/hr)

Standard Hourly rate: $300/hr 

(min 2 hours)

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