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For years, people have asked the age-old question... Is the world Flat or Round? Well, our photo booth answers that question specifically, Round is FUN not FLAT! 

Bring a wide range of "personalities" and design possibilities to your event with our Round Magnetic photo booth system.  With many interchangeable magnetic skins to choose from, you can now have a specific look for your round photo booth to match your theme of your party.  What a great way to enhance the experience of your event and party.


Our Round Magnetic Booth is a 34” round magnetically receptive photo booth that accepts our many choices of round photo booth skins for the front and back. We have 9 categories of designs to choose from: Sports, Holiday/ Seasonal, Colors and Textures, Pop Culture, Astronomy, Food & Drinks, Emojis, Floral, and Nature.  And if there is a specific round design you would like us to make for you, whether its corporate branding, personal image, or any personalized message, we can optionally design and print that for you.  Ask us for more info on that option. 



Whether you are going for an elegant rustic look or whimsical nostalgic feel, our framed magnetic chalkboard photo booth adds a nice, classic and pleasant feel to your event. 

A full functioning photo booth, the magnetic chalk board gives you the opportunity to select your style of look, whether its elegant script or whimsical signs or personalize your own message on your chalk board with #Event or your brand/names, your photo booth can say whatever you want it to say. 

Let us help you design a fun magnetic personality and message for your event photo entertainment! 

Rental Pricing:

"Full Service" 4 hour Rental:  $995+tax
(each additional hour $200/hr)

Standard Hourly rate: $250/hr
(min 2 hours)


Custom Designed Skins printed for Magnetic round photo booth: $200

Personalized magnetic #event chalkboard sign: $100

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Standard Round Magnetic Skin Categories


Soccer ball photo booth.  Sports themed photo booth, Ball themed photo booth, round photo booth.

Baseball, Basket ball, Soccer ball, Golf Ball, Tennis ball, Hockey Puck


Snowflake photo booth.  Holiday themed photo booth, Seasonal themed photo booth, round photo booth.

Snowflake, Ornament, Easter egg, Fall Foliage, 


Color themed photo booth.  Texture  themed photo booth, themed photo booth, round photo booth.

Black Graphite, Metallic Red, Pink dots, White, Baby Blue dots,

Pop Culture

Record photo booth.  Vinyl Record themed photo booth, Pop Culture themed photo booth, round photo bo

Disco Ball, Vinyl Record, Star Wars Death Star, Pac Man, Casino Nights, 



Earth, Sun, Spiral Galaxy, Moon, 


Donut photo booth.  Food themed photo booth, Ball themed photo booth, round photo booth.

Donut, Pizza, Cookie, Martini Glass,



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SunFlower photo booth.  Floral themed photo booth,  themed photo booth, round photo booth.

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Log Wood photo booth.  Nature themed photo booth, Outdoor themed photo booth, round photo booth.

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