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The Most Fun Photo Booths

Foto Robot is not your regular, standard photo booth experience.  If you are looking to give your guests something special, you have come to the right photo booth company.  We are the most fun, most unique, and very personable service photo booth company you will ever work with.  We like to say that we are the photo booths with personality, because you look at our booths and you just want to smile and fall in love with Foto Robot and his friends of themed photo booths.  But aside from an amusing photo booth, we have the very best service you can find in a photo booth operator. We will ensure that your photo booth experience is the best your guests will have.  

Lots of laughter, lots of smiles, lots of silliness and tons of fun.  

Our fun Photo Booths + Our Fantastic Service = AN AWESOME FUN  TIME!!!


Not just a photo booth...but functional decor!

How  many times have you seen the same "white box" on a stand with a small screen and web cam?  Our photo booth themes not only serve as a beautiful photo booth, but they function as a part of the decor of your event as well.  What a great way to add more decor value to your event.  We have various  photo booth themes and styles to choose from.  And of course, we have a few simple options as well.  Let Foto Robot help you provide your guests the best photo booth experience as well as help expand your event decor by bringing your event theme to life.


About Us


It all started with a simple question, “Why couldn’t it be a Robot?” 


In 2011, the late Jennifer Guzman, Co-founder and inspiration for Foto Robot, asked that exact question one day during a photo booth planning meeting in her office. So off to the white board we went. Her vision was to create a fun and uniquely different photo booth that exudes personality. Her mission...”to create an army of Foto Robots that bring joy and happiness to people all over the world.” 


As visual creative and business professionals, we use a common set of guiding principles: Create unique and different photo entertainment experiences that wow clients, provide an amazing service to make it easy to work with us, and treat all our clients and guests like friends and family building on a trusted relationship. 

Foto Robot "The Originator"


Not just your vendor...We are family!

    Foto Robot and his “friends” end up becoming like family to all who have commissioned them; and while you may think that it’s just a photo booth – the moment you inject some personality, well, that changes things. Anyone who has ever been in front of Foto Robot has immediately fallen in love with him. And as for his friends? People always remember our photo booths as providing a great time with unique and memorable experiences. That is what we aim for with our photo booths: to have your guests’ experience be heightened to new levels. 

Download 2019 Foto Booth Universe Brochure and Price Guide.

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2019 Foto Booth Universe Price (pdf)


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